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About Us
High-quality custom furniture in Geelong

At Footprint Furniture, our goal is to re-establish Australian Furniture as a modern, high quality product that is competitive and will last a generation.

All our recycled timber furniture products are made in North Melbourne and have been manufactured with the highest quality materials, components, fixtures & fittings.

Many companies that produce furniture make claims such as these, but at Footprint, we stand by our mark and supply along with each piece of furniture, our standard care & instructions along with the descriptions of timbers and finishes, as well as our 2 Year Guarantee.

Over the past 15 years of being in the furniture industry, we have researched and experimented with all timbers, finishes, glues, fittings and more to establish products that not only look beautiful, but will last.

We ask our clients to inspect our products to what they have been buying and compare the difference. We also have had clients over a 5 year period that have given feedback on their products for better results that we use in the future.

The industry is constantly evolving which includes new designs, new materials and clients that rightfully expect the quality that you would find anywhere in the world.

At Footprint Furniture, our goal is to re-establish Australian Furniture as a modern, high quality product that is competitive and will last a generation.

We stand by our products, and ask that if you are not happy with your final product, we will make it again. If anything happens to your product within 2 years (most pieces that are not correctly made will show signs within 2 months of purchase due to the different climates of a normal domestic or commercial environment) we will replace it no questions ask or supply a FULL REFUND.

By supplying to the commercial, hospitality and domestic industry, we have learnt from our clients, as our clients are the ones that do all the research, are paying for the furniture item and don’t want to settle if they can get something better.

Flexibility – because we are in Melbourne, if you need to change an order, or circumstances have changed, due to the fact we are a family business, we will try to help in any way to work with you instead of just going by

Policies and Structures – as we want you to come back!!!

Deliveries – all deliveries can be done within your timeframes, as we are the ones delivering the furniture – no outsourcing!!!

Call us now for a free brochure or a chat on: 0400 936 023.

Exclusive to Footprint Furniture

What you get with each product to assist with your sales:

A written 2 year Guarantee

A brochure that can be labelled with YOUR COMPANY LOGO showing care instructions, more about the product and what we stand for by buying a product made in Australia

A guarantee in quality (within the brochure)
Details in separate brochure of province of timber if buying products using Recycled Timbers

If customised, a product that cannot be seen in the marketplace – exclusivity
Less time in production. Most overseas products take at least 12 weeks, as we can cut this by half due to customer loyalty once you are a trade customer